Zoo Tour

For my final assignment I took a trip to the Franklin Zoo in Boston, MA with @lilwangphoto. We spent the whole day outside looking at the various types of animals. I tried to focus on the people’s interaction with the animals and their emotions. The best subjects were the children. They were all so energetic and mesmerized by the animals. It was a challenge photographing them since they never sat still, but they always had such intense emotion on their faces. It was interesting focusing on people in a place where people go to focus on the animals.


Edgy Story

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Our project was to show a story about fashion, life, or even food. My sister, who lives in New York, volunteered to be my model for this. Coming from the city, we see new and innovative fashion trends. My goal was to capture the edgy fashion look that is very prominent in New York.

Boston Shots

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On May 2, all the photography classes from CCHS took a day to travel to Boston and take pictures around the city. Early morning we all gathered at the school and walked to the local commuter rail. From there we took the train all the way into the city and split up into our groups. Each group had the freedom to roam around whatever alleyway or street they desired. We explored South Station, Chinatown, and even a protest in Boston Common. The city was full of life and gave us many opportunities to capture the perfect pictures.

The goal of the trip was to take pictures that depict what the city is like. That included architecture, people, patterns, and anything that reflects Boston. The hardest part was capturing the people. You don’t know the reaction they’ll have when a stranger with a camera walks up and starts shooting. We were turned away many times and even yelled at to stop, but many people were also very willing to be a part of this project. Another thing that I learned is how to work with the different textures the city offers. There are so many brick buildings standing next to the modern glassy ones which gave a nice contrast to the picture. Overall, I learned how to be more comfortable taking street photography and the different perspective the city has to offer.

Colors of the Wind

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Over April vacation, my friends and I (@lilwangphoto) purchased some Holi color powder. This color powder is widely known and originates from The Festival of Colors in India. We attempted to capture the lightness and surrealness that the powder gives in photos. These are our results.

City Shots

Over the weekend, I took a spontaneous trip to go see my sister in New York. I went around places like Brooklyn, Lower East Side, and Queens with my camera, taking pictures of anything that strikes interest to me. I tried to capture our adventures around the city and looking at it from a new perspective.

48 Hours of my Life

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On April 3rd and 4th, I spent one minute every hour trying to capture that moment in my life. When I first got this assignment I was afraid of forgetting a big chunk of time or not doing something interesting enough for a photo. I started off with one picture when I woke up and continued it throughout the day. It was hard remembering to take photos, especially during classes. This project was interesting for me because I tried to take quick pictures instead of taking time to get the framing and lighting perfect. I think this method made the pictures more real and exposes what my day is actually like.

I think this assignment helped me be more aware of my actions throughout the day. It made me realize all the different things I do and see them with a new perspective. I took time to realize where I was and what I was doing in that second. It helped me see the high points of my weekend and the more relaxed moments.